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Full and Empty Space in the Design of a Multi Purpose Vehicle

2001, Thessaloniki / G.D.Liamadis


The exploring sketches hereby presented, regard the preliminary phase of “Konver II” EU programme, concerning the design and construction of a functional prototype by the Hellenic Vehicle Industry (ELBO S.A.). These sketches are part of the design research carried out to help ELBO determine a brief for a “crossover” automobile typology. The defined target market of this car – if ever reached production, would consist of car rental companies in Mediterranean tourist areas, while early market research had shown that these vehicles may subsequently be forwarded to the second-hand market as pick-ups for professional use. Taken also into account the forthcoming Olympics in Athens 2004, a Multi Purpose Vehicle has started to evolve, in order to combine elements of a funroader (both with soft-top and hard-top versions), a people carrier and a pick-up light truck (open and closed). Sketches presented here do not regard the final design for obvious reasons, but alternative proposals from the early design phase. However, they clearly indicate the significant role of transparency in the conversion of a main theme to alternative types of vehicle, to satisfy different functional needs. Various parts of the vehicle have been designed to facilitate quick and easy assembly/disassembly. Thus, proportions between full and empty space can be adjusted to offer variable degrees of privatization of the car interior, according to needs. Therefore, quite diverse typologies such as closed pick-ups or open-air funroaders, may evolve from the very same basis.

Balkan Conference "Transparency in Architecture: Full and Empty Space", University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 444-445

  Full and Empty Space in the Design of a Multi Purpose Vehicle