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A 3-seater sportscar based on the mechanicals of Alfa GTV

2001, Thessaloniki / G.D.Liamadis


This project –worked out as a Diploma Thesis in the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki- was based on a brief given in a Car Design Course organised by Alfa Romeo and Domus Academy in Milan, 1995. To ensure the industrial feasibility of the project, design approach was fully compatible with the mechanical parts of Alfa GTV, while special effort has been made to match contemporary car design trends with the long car manufacturing tradition of the historic Milanese firm. Design development followed the concept of replacing the conventional 2+2 interior architecture of sportcars with a full three seat arrangement. Although use of space and practicality have never been among the priorities in the design of a sportcar, advantages of such a seat configuration can hardly be ignored. The capability of transporting a third passenger on a seat of normal dimensions, not only differentiates the car from its competitors, but also extends the consumer target group to include families of up to three members. The compatibility of this interior package with shorter wheelbases, would make it ideal if Alfa Romeo ever decided to move towards the production of an Italian competitor in the recently launched class of small coupes (Opel Tigra, Ford Puma). Despite the functional design approach of the interior, the car retains in full its emotional sport character as a 3-seater, far-off the 4 or 5-seating configuration of family cars. The alternative architecture of the interior is externally reflected on the triangular roof with a single central C-pillar, to abolish rear-side blind angles. This triangular shape -referential to the logo of the company- allows part of the roof to be formed by the glass surface of the door, thus creating wider openings to facilitate ingress and egress to the rear seat. Finally, as exterior design was developed on a short/medium term basis (of up to 5 years), styling cues were kept referential to those of the current models to ensure Alfa Romeo corporate identity.

Balkan Conference "Transparency in Architecture: Full and Empty Space", University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 442-443

  A 3-seater sports car based on the mechanicals of Alfa GTV