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Theoretical and design definition of the typological and morphological aspects of the car prototype ‘Aletis’ (Θεωρητικος και σχεδιαστικος προσδιορισμος των τυπολογικων και μορφολογικων χαρακτηριστικων του πρωτοτυπου οχηματος Aletis)

1999 / G.D.Liamadis


This paper attempts to provide an extensive review of the process for the theoretical and designing stages in determining the typological and morphological characteristics of the functional prototype under the name 'Aletis'. It is an analysis of the preliminary research and design work for this vehicle, as carried out by the chief designer in the context of the Konver II initiative of ELVO. 
In the context of listing the criteria and considerations that led to the typology of this prototype, the following are described: a) the market research carried out by Euroconsultants SA, b) exploring the trends found in the international automotive industry in terms of genealogy and evolution of types, c) typological analysis of competitive vehicles of similar philosophy and d) the technical characteristics of the vehicle as stated in the technical sheet. The development of the idea of a mixed use crossover vehicle is analysed: an open vehicle used for recreation, with a soft and hard roof, and a light truck, open or closed. The choice of a crossover typology is explained, as a precondition for widening the target audience in order to render the product economically viable even in the small Greek market. Finally, the complex and delicate manipulation at the level of the semeiotics of the morphological characteristics is described, which produced an end-result that reflected the vehicle’s dual nature, combining elements that would be deemed acceptable by all the potential segments of a diverse consumer base. The unprecedented decision to develop a modern private use vehicle in Greece resulted in Aletis, the fruit of collaboration between ELVO (Greek Vehicle Industry), Pininfarina Studio e Ricerche and TWT GmbH, which was presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 2001.


Technika Chronika – Scientific Journal of the TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece), submitted