• 2018Design and implementation of an educational action based on the cocoon, in the form of a Creative Design Lab for children and Exhibition of the results in the context of the 2018 European Territorial Cooperation Day (ECDay 2018)
    Scientific Coordinator of the Research Project, assignment by the Managing Authority of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes of the Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” and “Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020” (via E.L.K.E. AUTH)
  • 2013Development of New Combined Methodological Standards and Tools in the Design of Everyday Objects: Towards a Creative Synergy between Laboratory and Digital Methods in Industrial Design Education
    Scientific Coordinator of the Research Project, Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Special Account for Research (ELKE AUTH), Action A: Enhancement of Research Activity for New Lecturers (project code: 88994)
  • 2012—2013Design of a Single-Head Automated Embroidery Machine
    Scientific Coordinator of the Research Project, Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Special Account for Research (ELKE AUTH), Compucon for SVP WorldWide (Singer®, Husqvarna VIKING®, PFAFF®) (project code: 88994)
  • 2011Design and construction of a single-seat racing car type Formula SAE
    Scientific Coordinator of the Fairing Design of Formula ART: G.Liamadis, School of Visual & Applied Arts, Scientific Coordinators of Formula ART: N.Michailides, L.Ntzianchristos, School of Engineering AUTH, Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Special Account for Research (ELKE AUTH) (project code: 87242)
  • 2011-
    Development of Research Facilities and Activities of the School of Visual and Applied Arts of the AUTH

    (Scientific Coordinator: X.Sachinis), in charge of the development of the facilities of the lab of Industrial Design

  • 2010-
    Doctoral Thesis titled: “Automotive Culture: Design & Styling”

    Supervised by prof. Tsinikas Nikolaos, prof. Kotsiopoulos Anastasios and Assistant Prof. Malindretos Michalis (main supervisor + 2 members)

    The aim of the thesis is to investigate how (west) European automotive culture is/was reflected on automotive design and styling, defining the evolution of forms and automobile typologies (in the last 30 years). Research focuses on aspects of sociology, humanistic psychology and cultural trends while simultaneously investigates case studies through bibliography and interviews with creators (designers and head of Design/Styling centres), to point out the relative similarities and crucial differences between the holistic approach of the design and the visual impact of styling as tools of consumer need’s manipulation.

  • 2005—2006-
    Museological Study and Scientific Curatorship of the Exhibition “Transportation Technology”, G.D.Liamadis (Scientific Curatorship, exhibition scenario and information content), Science Centre and Technology Museum NOESIS
  • 1999-
    S.Vougias, S.Konstantinidis, G.Liamadis, T.Pyrgidis, Ch.Papageorgiou, “Research on the Technical and Financial Feasibility of a Tram Network for the city of Thessaloniki”, personal work: Chapter 6 - “Design of the Rolling Stock”,

    Funded by Thessaloniki Public Transport Organization

    (Published on daily press, TV and periodicals)

  • 1997-
    Crystal Ian, Lee Young-Mi, Liamadis George, Oxley Stewart, “Research on the ergonomics of Jaguar XK8” (through qualitative methods and questionnaires), Carried out with Jaguar Cars Ltd as part of the Ergonomics module (course: PgD/MA Automotive Design)
  • 1997Bibliographical research/essays as part of PgD/MA in Automotive Design, Coventry University
    “Relative differences and similarities in methods and techniques used in automotive and architectural design practices”

    “Lucas-Varity, a human resource management case study”

    “The position, role and future of Design/Styling on the production of a new car”

    “Current & alternative finishings for alloy wheels”

    All papers, author G.D.Liamadis